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Why Us?

United Trading

United Trading Company For Importing & Exporting Was Started As A Family Business In 1995 By Cultivating and planting Herbs and Spices On Our Own Property and Selling it in the local market without any processing .

So In 2018 We Established our Company( United Trading Co. ) So That We Can Export Our Goods and Products To the Global Market and We Succeeded To Do That with Establishing a Mutual Trust With Our Partners In Many Countries around the world .

Our company is following the sanitary procedures as well as quality assurance system, to assure that our products don`t exceed the minimum acceptable account of bacteria & without any pathogenic.


Cultivation Standard Procedure

Cultivation activities within our approved supplier list are controlled through applying our high philosophy procedures in fertilization & plant protection. The quality control Department is responsible to make a check up visit to our approved supplier farms to follow the implementation of these procedures and to help farmers to understand what is behind this philosophy.